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Handmade Earrings

Handmade Earrings

Corali Jewellery Founder and Designer Karin Erdin’s handmade earrings feature her signature design, inspired by the natural beauty surrounding her everyday life and the crystals that deliver spiritual healing. Buy our handmade earrings online today to enjoy classic pieces and bespoke, made-to-order earrings that can be delivered quickly to your doorstep. 

Discover handmade earrings in Australia that offer timeless beauty

All our pieces are high quality and, while unique, have a simple and classic look that gives every wearer a touch of timeless beauty. Made of gold, silver and various semi-precious stones and crystals, our handmade earrings are versatile, expressive and comfortable to wear daily.

Try our handmade earrings with our favourite light blue apatite bead accents to add some colour and sparkle to your looks, or show off your personality by mixing and matching our Charm Gold Hoop Earrings.

We love wearing our bigger gold or silver earrings — made into unique hoops and dangling designs — to add an elegant statement piece for a night out or formal event.

Proudly Australian-made, Corali earrings were designed and influenced by the natural beauty of our land. For inspiration on how to style, layer and stack our pieces, take a peek at our lookbook tab.

All Corali Jewellery pieces are lovingly hand-crafted in our Bronte Studio

Be they delicate thread earrings, hoops in all sizes and designs, or feminine drop earrings, all are designed with you in mind. We only use high-quality 14Kt Gold Filled and Sterling Silver, teamed with beautiful semi-precious gems. 

Corali uses the finest materials, featuring gorgeous gems, unique beads and intricate charms to create distinctive and unique handmade earrings. Our carefully selected gemstones are sourced from around the world and are gently moulded into our pieces by our master artisans, who have years of experience creating timeless and exquisite jewellery. Shop our gemstone jewellery collection today to create a special piece made just for you.

All Corali earrings are suitable for people with sensitive ears

For lovingly-made gold-filled earrings in Australia, you can’t go past Corali. Crafted locally in our Bronte studio, our handmade earrings are made with high-quality 14Kt Gold Filled and Sterling Silver, with beautiful semi-precious gems to create unique designs to treasure. Browse our gold-filled jewellery collection for premium, allergy-free pieces that will add a point of sophistication to your look.

Discover our intricate collection of handmade earrings in Australia

From delicate thread earrings to hoops of all sizes and feminine drop earrings, when you buy our handmade earrings online, you’re purchasing a piece designed with natural beauty in mind.

Whether you’re searching for gold-filled earrings in Australia that are minimalistic and dainty or enjoy a flash of colour from a green onyx or amethyst stone, all of Corali’s handmade earrings tell a meaningful story and are suitable for sensitive ears.

Corali — the creative home of handmade earrings in Australia

Among our much-loved handmade earrings, you’ll find unique designs to complement your jewellery collection. Add a touch of art deco with some low-hanging sparkle, or rock ‘n roll it with some spiked hoops. Whatever your tastes, shop our gold-filled earrings in Australia today to find your new favourite pieces. Once you’ve found the perfect pair of earrings, explore the rest of our jewellery range, from delicate necklaces to fine chain bracelets.

Buy handmade earrings online today from Corali 

Corali can create bespoke pieces that fit every style, from modern and minimalist earrings in gold and silver to fun and dainty gemstone pieces that effortlessly refract the light and pop with colour. 

Shop our collection today to show off your style and adorn your ears with delicate, high-quality, classic pieces constructed in exquisite 14kt Gold and 925 Sterling Silver. All our fine, handmade earrings are available online and made to order, with free shipping across Australia when you spend $150 or more.

If you’d prefer to see our handmade earrings in person, we welcome you to visit the Corali Jewellery shop in Bronte, Sydney or see us at Paddington Markets and Bondi Beach Markets!