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Handmade Bracelets

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Step into the world of Corali, where each handmade bracelet echoes the charm of Australia’s eastern coastline. Crafted by our skilled artisans, every bracelet embodies a tale of passion, precision and an enduring elegance that surpasses fleeting fashion trends. Explore our captivating range of handmade bracelets from Australia, and make a statement with our fine jewellery pieces.

Meticulously crafted in our Bronte Road studio, each handmade bracelet from Corali pays homage to the sensual essence of the natural world, distilled into bespoke jewellery that you’ll treasure for years to come. Discover refined pieces crafted from high-quality metals adorned with beautifully polished precious stones that infuse an air of organic aestheticism into your personal vibe. If you’re looking to buy handmade bracelets, there’s a piece in our collection waiting for you to discover!

Unveiling the process of our bespoke craftsmanship

The birth of each Corali bracelet is a testament to the finesse and dedication of our experienced artisans. As they weave together each piece, they imbue it with exceptional attention to detail, cultivating a unique narrative that travels from our Bronte studio to your jewellery box.

Buying handmade bracelets from Corali is not merely a transaction; it's a celebration of our mutual passion for elegance and individuality. Corali’s handmade bracelets embody this essence, making them the perfect addition to your style repertoire.

Curate your own collection of handmade bracelets

The potential of a finely-crafted bracelet from Corali to redefine and uplift your ensemble is simply boundless. Whether it's a sterling silver piece subtly gleaming on your wrist or a bold stack of our gold-filled designs, the effect is transformative. Your choice of bracelet can speak volumes about your style and personality without you uttering a single word.

Our 14Kt Gold Filled and Sterling Silver beads are hand strung onto durable stretch cords to create enchanting handmade bracelets. Wear them alone for a dainty, minimalist look, or go bold, mixing and matching to create a layered stack. Or, choose a delicate chain bracelet in a variety of designs in 14Kt Gold Filled and Sterling Silver for a gleaming accent. These bracelets measure 5.5 inches / 14 cm long along with a 1.5-inch / 4 cm extension chain, plus the added touch of our petite Corali charm.

When you purchase delicate, handmade bracelets in Australia from Corali, you’re buying a personal totem that’s bound to become the most worn piece in your jewellery collection.

From delicate 14kt Gold-Filled chains to dainty earrings and stackable necklaces crafted from Sterling Silver, Corali jewellery can instantly elevate any outfit. Browse our collection of finely crafted jewellery today and take home a piece you’ll cherish forever.

Mix and match our designs for a statement look, or allow a solitary piece to resonate its understated, minimalist charm. With Corali, you become the curator of your unique style. Choose Corali not just as a brand but as a confidante in your journey of self-expression.

There’s more to explore

From gemstone jewellery to gold-filled pieces and more, our story extends beyond our handmade bracelets. Uncover the charm of our equally exceptional necklaces and earrings, all forged with the same commitment to craftsmanship.

Whether you’re looking to buy handmade bracelets or diversify your collection with other exquisite pieces, Corali is your trusted companion in fine jewellery.

Fuel your fine-jewellery obsession and buy handmade bracelets from Corali

Begin your journey of style discovery and self-expression with our beautiful handmade bracelets that harmonise seamlessly with your personal taste. As you curate your unique collection, we’ll be here to help you uncover the pieces that genuinely reflect your unique spirit.

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Shop Corali today, and let our exquisite handmade bracelets in Australia symbolise your unparalleled style.