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Materials and Care

Corali jewellery pieces are made using high quality precious metals such as 14Kt Gold Filled and Sterling Silver, Vermeil and techniques such as 24Kt Gold Electroplated.

14Kt Gold Filled is durable and considered a lifetime piece of jewellery. It is essentially a 14Kt solid gold tube filled with an inner core metal, usually brass and has been mechanically bonded under high heat and pressure. It will never chip or wear off such as gold plated metals. Every surface of the jewellery piece is 14Kt Gold, but using this filled material makes it more affordable. There is rarely an individual who cannot wear this material.

Sterling silver describes an alloy of 92.5 % silver and 7.5 % other metals, usually copper. Sterling silver will tarnish but can easily be restored to a shine with various treatments.

Vermeil describes Sterling Silver that is electroplated with gold. A thin layer of gold is used in this technique, scratches and wear may expose the underlying Sterling Silver.

24Kt gold electroplated describes the process of coating solid gold with a thin layer of another metal or object. By creating a chemical bond, the plating is a permanent addition to the surface of the base metal. This means that it will not naturally fall off or separate. However, plating can be worn off over months and years of use and wear.

Looking after your jewellery
To keep your new piece sparking and beautiful, please take good care of it and it can be treasured for years to come.

Try not to swim, shower or exercise with your jewellery on. We also don’t recommend sleeping with it on as it creates unnecessary wear and tear.

Clean it with a jewellery polishing cloth from time to time and store it separately in the pouch provided to avoid scratching.