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Gemstones Jewellery

Gemstones Jewellery

Handmade in Corali’s Bronte Studio, explore the collection of Apatite pieces. Glimmering in pale green and light blue hues like the sparkling shallows of a tropical beach, Apatite invites you to gaze deeper into its depths while throwing out a beautifully faceted glint from the sunlight.

Discover the range of Apatite gemstone jewellery in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, crafted from ethically sourced Apatite gems, 14Kt Gold Filled and Sterling Silver metals.

Feel inspired by Apatite Gemstone Jewellery from Australia

Apatite is not only aesthetically beautiful, but it offers a deeper sense of meaning and connection, imbuing the wearer with a powerfully symbolic and purposeful piece they can carry with them wherever they go. Many prize the Apatite stone for its inspirational properties. It is said to deepen meditation and aid communication and self-expression on all levels. Psychologically, Apatite increases motivation and builds energy reserves, empowering you to dream, aspire and achieve. Apatite has also been known to aid in calcium absorption and heal bones for improved wellness.

Corali — handmade Jewellery born from an adoration of Nature

In a world of quickly produced and easily discarded, mass-made items, Corali’s fine, bespoke jewellery is a reminder to slow down, take stock and appreciate the beauty found in nature all around us.

We meticulously create each piece in our studio, with every design being an extension of our belief in the healing and grounding qualities of thoughtfully made creations and natural beauty. Uncover the fine details and signature aspects of our collection today, and find your own piece of gemstone jewellery magic.