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Handcrafted sparkle

Today is a national jewel day and this gives us a perfect reason to give and receive jewellery. It’s a great day to recognise the jewellers too, especially the ones who handcraft their beautiful jewellery pieces by hand. Today we are celebrating the founder of Corali - Karin Erdin.

Some of you might not know this, but each Corali jewellery piece is handcrafted by Karin herself here at our Corali studio in Bronte. We’re proud being able to offer you the items that carry deep meaning and high level of craftsmanship within them. There is something very special about the jewellery created by someone's hands and the artist’s unique personality transforms ordinary pieces into unique creations.

Many people don’t fully understand the value of handcrafted jewellery.  We wanted to give you five reasons to love handmade jewellery:

  • Supporting the real person feels rewarding

When you invest in handcrafted jewellery pieces you are supporting the real person and invest into their creative ability and talent. You also become a part of their story and get the connection with more than just a brand, but the real person behind it.

  • High level of craftsmanship

Handcrafted jewellery is by definition created by hands as oppose to automated manufacturing equipment.  This means that the artist designs, saws, carves and shapes each piece one by one with their full attention to the smallest details.

  • Exclusivity

Jewellery pieces created by hand are limited in quantity and limited by the career of the designer (or passed from generation to generation within the artist's family). They are exclusive as the artist can choose to retire at any time.

  • Value of actual time

It takes a significant amount of time and effort to create each jewellery piece.  It means that you are actually paying for someone’s hours (or even several days) spent in the creative process and you are wearing the result of that time.

  • High quality materials

All materials used are of the highest of quality and are meticulously selected by the artist. It means there is zero unexpected alloys and chemicals (like nickel or other metals) that can cause skin to react and cause irritation.  It means you’re also supporting suppliers of high quality materials.

When you purchase your very own Corali jewellery piece you purchase a unique and special piece handcrafted by Karin.  It’s a great feeling when you support artist's talent, skills and creativity.  Shop our Azure collection here.

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