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Pick your perfect crystal jewellery

Here at Corali we appreciate and adore the natural beauty of crystals.  We believe crystals carry healing properties, energy and the ability to help us unlock our potential.  We can touch and feel this energy, or even better still wear it as a beautiful piece of jewellery.  Karin's signature jewellery pieces are finely handcrafted using carefully selected gemstones, unique beads and intricate charms sourced from around the world. Corali Jewellery is certain to brighten up your day.

Looking back in history, people have loved wearing crystals since the ancient times.  Crystals were used as early as 6000 BC in the earliest civilizations, such as ancient Egypt and China. Ancient Egyptians even used malachite crystals as eyeshadow.  The oldest amulets were made of Baltic amber and used as long ago as 30,000 years.

We know that even though crystals have an extensive list of properties, many people pick their jewellery pieces according to their favourite colour. We can’t blame them, there are so many beautiful colours that crystals have to offer from neutral colours of quartz and moonstone to the vibrant amethyst and lapis.

We wanted to make your search for a perfect crystal jewellery piece a little easier and a lot more fun, so we’ve put together a few of our favourite tips:

  • When shopping online, let yourself look at the variety of the colours first, and see what pops out at you.
  • Read the descriptions and listen to what sounds and feels good, what is drawing you naturally.
  • If you can’t decide between two pieces of jewellery, close your eyes and see which one feels right.
  • Make sure to relax and breath.  Have fun and enjoy the process of choosing.

Natural crystal jewellery are very special companions that’ll help you grow and empower you in the areas you need most. We all want to take better care of ourselves and wearing crystal jewellery is a part of it. Crystals will guide you towards the better impulses and help you too create positive changes in your wellbeing and boost your confidence.

Have fun choosing which crystal jewellery is perfect for you. Shop our collection here.

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